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Clean Air Texas

In the spirit of Earth Day, the North Texas Commission is proud to share with its members its new Clean Air Texas Initiative. Ten counties in our region have ozone levels that are too high to pass standards set by the Clean Air Act, which could cause the region to lose its federal highway funding or face more stringent federal regulation of industry. Clean air is not only important to our region’s health—it’s vital for our region’s economic prosperity as well.

Born out of the merger of the “North Texas Clean Air Coalition” and “Texas Business for Clean Air,” this new group will work with the business community of North Texas to develop and implement voluntary strategies for improving air quality within our region. Some of our initiatives planned for this summer are:

  • Continuation of the Working for Clean Air Awards to promote and recognize regional businesses that are doing their part to fight ozone pollution
  • Creating a Clean Fleet Certification Program to recognize organizations with low-emission vehicle fleets
  • Work with our regional partners such as Air North Texas and the Council of Governments on their air quality campaigns

Are you interested in participating? Please submit your contact details using the form below:


If you have any questions, feel free to email Robert Kent, our Director of Environmental Programs, at robert@ntc-dfw.org. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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