Access to health care needs to expand so we can improve the health of North Texas workers and their families, increase productivity, and attract more businesses and talent. It is critical during this economic recovery period that we have legislation that will expand coverage and reduce the number of uninsured Texans. 


The State of Texas has an opportunity to realize a net gain of over $ 7 billion if SB 117/HB 3871 “Live Well Texas” passes and is signed into law. The Perryman Group, led by economist Dr. Ray Perryman, researched the potential impact of accessing federal matching funds for health insurance expansion. Their findings recognize potential gains of $ 45.3 billion in gross product, 461,700 job-years of employment, and increases of tax revenue of $ 2.5 billion for the State of Texas and nearly $ 2.0 billion for local governments during the 2022-2023 biennium. You can review The Perryman Group’s study by clicking here


With the American Rescue Plan (COVID relief legislation) signed into law on March 11th, an additional $3 billion in reimbursements could come to Texas if SB 117/ HB 3871 “Live Well Texas” legislation is passed and signed into law. The reimbursement increase is in Sec. 9814 of the American Rescue Plan. 


Thirty-eight U.S. states have expanded health care coverage. None have reversed their decision. Currently, Texans' tax dollars are being used to provide health care for individuals in California and 37 other states. Support SB 117/HB 3871 and the return of your tax dollars!


To learn more, please look at NTC’s one-minute video and a 10-minute video from Senator Nathan Johnson below.