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Dallas: More than a TV Show

It's hard to imagine modern pop culture without one of the most iconic shows of all-time. Dallas began airing April 1978 and wrapped it's impressive 14 season run in 1991. The show even made a comeback with the next generation of Ewings and Barnes duking it out (in renewables, of course!) with some of our old favorites returning as well (J.R. was just as ornery the second time around).

As the TV show bearing its name grew in popularity, so did brand awareness of Dallas.The show topped even Neiman Marcus and the Dallas Cowboys in bringing worldwide recognition to the city with the series being a hit in 57 countries.

The reveal to the "Who Shot J.R.?" season cliffhanger was watched by 90 million American viewers.

The pilot season was filmed entirely on location in Dallas, with some exteriors being shot at the Southfork Ranch in Parker.

While the series lives on in re-runs only, Southfork Ranch remains a popular tourist desitnation and conference and event center. Southfork even held a memorial service for the series star, Larry Hagman, after he passed away in 2012.

Fun Fact: When QANTAS Airlines launched service from DFW to Brisbane in 2011, it featured Linda Gray and Larry Hagman reprising their roles in an advertising campaign.

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