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Family Friendly North Texas | 5 Cities Rank in the Top 20 Nationwide

North Texas strikes again with five cities ranking in the top 20 of  WalletHub’s “2015 Best & Worst Cities for Families.” It’s no surprise that one person is added to the North Texas population every 5 minutes. With continued job growth, a diverse and thriving business climate, a central location with a four hour flight to either coast and high quality of life, many families are excited to call North Texas home.

Taking the 150 most populated cities in the United States, WalletHub compared 30 key metrics that take into account the family dynamic such as median income, quality of local schools, number of attractions, the healthcare system and much more. When all the calculations were wrapped up, the outcome was a big win for North Texas. The city of Plano came in at number two with the large Kansas City suburb Overland Park, Kansas taking the top spot. Grand Prairie round out the top ten holding the tenth spot, and Arlington (13), Fort Worth (16) and Irving (20) also made the list.

To put this in the Texas perspective, Texas holds 7 of the top 20 spots giving it the most family friendly cities of any other state. And, North Texas stands out with 25 percent of the cities coming from the same metropolitan statistical area.

The 2015 Top 20 Best Cities for Families1. Overland Park, KS11. Irvine, CA2. Plano, TX12. Amarillo, TX3. Virginia Beach, VA13. Arlington, TX4. Lincoln, NE14. Gilbert, AZ5. Sioux Falls, SD15. Omaha, NE6. Madison, WI16. Fort Worth, TX7. Fremont, CA17. Boise, ID8. Chesapeake, VA18. Rancho Cucamonga, CA9. Colorado Springs, CO19. Corpus Christi, TX10. Grand Prairie, TX20. Irving, TX

For the full methodology behind the rankings click HERE.

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