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How NTTA Upgraded the Windshield

If you've been in North Texas long enough, you probably have experienced the sweaty palms pulling up to a toll booth realizing you had no quarters.

That all changed in 1989, when NTTA became the first tolling entity in the United States to deploy an electronic transponder, the TollTag. USA Today hailed it as a top 25 “eureka moment” signifying inventions that changed our lives, “Throwing quarters in a tollbooth bin became a thing of the past when NTTA started its TollTag system in the Dallas area in 1989.” In 2010, NTTA became the first tolling agency in the country to have its entire system convert to all-electronic tolling (i.e., no tollbooths -- no coins).

The technology behind the TollTag continues to evolve and remains at the forefront of innovation today. TollTag customers can use all toll roads in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and local airports. In upcoming years, more states will become “interoperable” with NTTA’s TollTag.

Today, more than 12.5 million NTTA customers can travel North Texas tollways without having to stop at toll plazas.This expedites their travel by eliminating the tollbooth bottlenecks.

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