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Last Days to Make North Texas Count

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

The September 30th deadline for the 2020 Census is fast approaching and we need your help to make sure that our region and state is counted.

How does the Census impact our region? The Census count is used by state and local governments, non-profit organizations, business owners, and others to understand population trends and growth projections. It’s used to determine our state’s share of federal funding, the number of Texas congressional seats, how legislative districts are drawn, and much, much more.

With only 12 days left, Texas ranks 35th in the nation with a 61.4% self-response rate and a 92.4% total response rate – we’ve made progress, but we need your help for one final push over the finish line. If we undercount our state’s population, Texas could pay a big price when it comes to funding roads, hospitals, public safety, schools and many other resources. It’s estimated that each one percent undercount could result in a loss of $3 billion annually in funding.

Additionally, an undercount could impact our state’s representation in Washington, D.C. Early projections suggested that Texas could gain up to three additional congressional seats. With a lower response rate, it’s possible that Texas will not see as many additional congressional seat gains.

A complete count is in the best interest of all Texans. And when we say we want everyone counted, we mean everyone. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Children under 5

  • Immigrants

  • People of color

  • Families that move frequently

  • People who face language barriers

Participants can access the Census via phone or internet and the short questionnaire is offered in dozens of languages. To help ensure a successful count, please:

  • Encourage your employees and their families to complete the Census

  • Dispel any myths. There is no penalty for filling out the Census, but not completing it could have adverse effects for Texas families

  • Complete the Census: Go to

Bottom line: if our region and state does not have a complete count, it will impact us all.

There are efforts still underway to ensure our communities are counted, but time is running out, which is why your help is needed. Please share the importance of the Census with your family, friends, employees and neighbors.

Spread the word about the importance of a complete count for our communities’ future -- and how much is at stake.


State Rep. Phil King State Rep. Chris Turner

District 61 District 101

Chair, Redistricting Vice Chair, Redistricting

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