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Meet Our Members: Frank Bliss

Frank Bliss

Frank Bliss, President, Cooper & Stebbins

As the developer of Southlake Town Square, Frank Bliss understands how quality of life can grow a community. In today’s Meet our Members, we discuss with Frank growth, diversity and what issues are important for the success of our region.

North Texas Commission: What advice do you have for companies looking to relocate to North Texas with regard to talent, quality of life and business climate?

Frank Bliss: North Texas has great people and a business friendly environment.  Cities and Counties take pride in their communities and in their partnerships within the region.  My advice to anyone coming here is to get involved, and make a difference.  We have a bright future ahead.

NTC: As the region’s population diversifies, what steps is your company taking to diversify its leadership team?

FB: Cooper and Stebbins is part of the Cooper and Company group of companies, which has offices in Newport Beach, CA; Auckland, NZ; and Southlake, TX. Our leadership team reflects a globally and economically diverse investment portfolio.  Ongoing short and long term planning and strategies help us keep in step with regional and global changes.

NTC: As the Texas Legislature gears up for the next session, and Congress begins a new class in January, what topics impact your business most, and what action should be taken by lawmakers to improve efficiency and ease of business?

FB: Challenges in Education, Water, Transportation and Health issues impact our business, the North Texas region, and the Nation. How we pay for these critical services is one key.  In some cases, new systems are needed to replace outdated methods of operation.  Dynamic change is needed, which demands strong leadership from our elected officials.  But it is also up to all of us to get educated on the issues and possible solutions.  Democracy takes work; it’s time we all roll up our sleeves!

NTC: How has presence in North Texas uniquely benefited the health of your company and/or expansion opportunities for growth?

FB: I recall reading an Urban Land Institute article a few years after we started Southlake Town Square. It studied areas of dynamic growth around the world.  One commentator referred to the area from DFW International Airport to Alliance Texas as one of the most compelling corridors for growth in the world over the next 20 years.  That was over 10 years ago, and we are seeing how right they were.  Town Square continues to thrive and grow due to the booming North Texas economy.  Many with whom we do business share similar stories.  This is a great place to be, and a great time to be doing business.


  Just for Fun

NTC: Who is your favorite sports team?

FB: The Carroll Dragons. Pick your sport; I’ve enjoyed watching and reading about them all!

NTC: What is your favorite destination and/or vacation spot?

FB: I can’t pick just one, so I’ll say it’s a tie between Laguna Beach, CA; the Pacific Northwest; and New Zealand. Great people; interesting communities; beautiful places.

NTC: Where did you attend school?

FB: I attended undergraduate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Go Heels!) and Law School at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!).

NTC: What is the first thing you do when you wake up to start your day?

FB: Feed the dogs, eat breakfast and do a Sudoku or crossword puzzle to get my brain in gear. Some mornings (but not nearly enough), I do a light workout first.


Frank Bliss  is the President of Cooper & Stebbins and sits on the Board of Directors for the North Texas Commission.  

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