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#NTx Health Moment – Springboard Your Success

The winter can be tough due to weather-related delays, hectic travel, and people generally trying to fit too much in around the holidays. This is followed by the rush of the New Year where tackling lofty goals can seem like an uphill battle. Spring arrives just as people seem to settle into their new normal. The clean, crisp air and bright sunshine gives a sense of renewal. Spring is a perfect time for increasing business, building better relationships with the family, and improving your own health.

Increased Business

People do business with people. This is why socialization is so important to success. There’s no better way to socialize than on the back nine of the golf course, or at a baseball game. Many charity events hold fashion shows or golf tournaments at the beginning of the spring season. These events give people a chance to build relationships in a non-threatening environment, making the future business deal a more natural exchange for both sides.

Spring also offers better weather for companies that perform outdoor services, such as landscapers, commercial construction, roofing companies, and even airlines. Even healthcare providers see a bump in business when people start working in the yard and participating in outside activities.

Improved Family Life

Balancing a heavy workload and a busy family life can be challenging. Going outside to toss a ball around or taking a stroll through the neighborhood in the evening is a perfect way to spend quality time with the family. While vacations are nice, it’s these quiet moments together that they will remember the most.

Don’t be surprised if moods improve during the spring months— even teenagers tend to come out of their shell (and their bedrooms) in the spring. Take advantage of the opportunities to sit at the dinner table for evening talks or even implement a family game night. The more interaction you have, the greater the opportunity to improve relations.

Personal Progress

Spring is a great time to get your own health in order. Take time to schedule your physical exam and dental check-up with cleaning. You can’t track improvement on what you don’t measure, so understanding your current health status is the first step.

With the improvements in weather, set up a regular exercise routine that

you can do outside. This may include running or power walking, playing tennis, or even doing yardwork. The key is to get moving and use those muscles that may have been lying dormant during the winter months. Movement increases blood flow and overall health. Exercise has also been proven to ward off dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Don’t let the opportunity to improve your life this Spring pass you by. Take advantage of the fresh air, sunshine, and the budding flowers and plants. Nature is good for the body and the soul.

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