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NTX Startup Report – Healthcare

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Accounting for 15 percent of the North Texas economy, healthcare plays a significant regional role. It only makes sense that some of the most exciting healthcare startups are popping up in North Texas. The region boasts amazing resources for health startups. Health Wildcatters is an accelerator dedicated to early-stage health companies, and Zs Pharma, the first Biotech IPO in the region in the decade, is a product of the Tech FW program.

North Texas has a robust and exciting entrepreneurial landscape and here at the North Texas Commission we’d like to bring this to you. Each company showcased here represents a new approach or way of thinking. If you would like any additional information please contact Taylor Schrang at

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My Vision Track

Losing one’s vision is a frightening thought. While regular eye exams are important to eye health, a once yearly appointment can sometimes be too infrequent. My Vision Track is the first FDA cleared ophthalmic app for home vision monitoring. Patients who have progressive vision loss or have a family history of the condition can monitor their vision on a regular basis from home and have results reported back to their doctor. This advancement allows doctors to pay much closer attention to the progression of a patients condition. A Richardson-based company, you can learn more at


It’s sad but one of the major health risks women face is domestic violence. Women go to shelters for a safe option in a crisis, however these organizations can fill up and have to turn women away. Now you can help make sure every woman has a place to stay when she needs it with the Safe Night app. When a shelter can’t accommodate a woman, you’ll receive a notice, and an option to pay for a hotel stay that night for that woman. This social enterprise is utilizing technology to make sure that all people in crisis have a place to stay. Learn more at

Encore Vision

As part of the natural aging process nearly everyone begins to lose their ability to see up close. It is common to see people holding books or menus at arm’s length, or reaching for a pair of reading glasses. Encore Vision has now developed an alternative to reading glasses in the treatment of presbyopia or “aging eyes.” An eye drop that you give yourself treats this mild vision impairment and is the first real alternative to reading glasses. Encore Vision just filed an initial new drug application with the FDA and hopes to start testing this summer. If you’d like more information please contact IR@ or visit


Every day, thousands of people have to face that their aging loved one’s needs are changing. Suddenly they face questions surrounding senior care never previously thought about. The process of deciding the best option can take months to figure out. Cariloop’s program allows people to plan for and manage their older loved ones’ healthcare needs from start to finish. Cariloop offers concierge services and management tools that can help families save time and money. For more information see


These days nearly everyone has their own special dietary guidelines or restrictions. Whether a person has celiac disease, food allergy or religious restrictions, it seems there is even more reasons to be reading ingredient lists to figure out exactly what is being eaten. INRFood is a mobile app boasting the largest database of food ingredients. Users can simply scan packaged foods to be alerted to ingredients to avoid based on the user’s profile. Helping users avoid potential allergic reactions, or breaking their diet. INRFood has gained real traction and recently raised $250,000 in capital. To learn more visit

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