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Saluting Veterans Center of North Texas

Veterans Center of North Texas (VCONT) is an all-volunteer, non-profit, Plano-based group whose sole mission is to support veterans and their families who live in North Texas navigate through the public and private agencies to obtain support and services needed to be successful members of their communities. This includes assistance gaining employment, housing, education and taking care of their health, as well as financial and legal assistance. Many of the volunteers are veterans themselves, and all are proud to be able to assist our country’s heroes at no cost to the veterans or their families.

One of the biggest challenges facing veterans is the often-frustrating task of finding help for their specific needs. VCONT maintains a database of qualified providers, including eligibility criteria, application process, special requirements and cost, if any, for each service provider. The database is updated every six months and continuously evaluates veterans’ needs while searching for new service providers that can best meet their needs.

Each veteran meets face-to-face with advisors to determine the issues and requirements, with an emphasis on identifying the root cause of the problem. Advisors can then develop a plan to address each situation, identify the best-suited service provider, and then assist with the application process to ensure the match is indeed the best solution. VCONT then tracks the progress and follows up with both the veteran and the provider to determine whether all actions are completed and make adjustments where needed.

Assistance is provided a number of ways: Many federal, state and local programs are available to veterans and their families but are often difficult to understand, such as VA Disability or Social Security, VA loans or even burial benefits. Veterans recently separated from the military and entering the civilian workforce also needs unique from other veterans. VCONT can help with the preparatory work needed to find a living wage job or establish needed healthcare, among other services.

Fortunately, the North Texas area has many VA medical facilities capable of treating physical and mental health issues: The Dallas VA Medical Center, the Sam Rayburn Memorial Veterans Center in Bonham and many other community clinics. VCONT helps find the right facility inside or outside the VA system to address health issues, including medical, dental and optical care, and treatment for post traumatic syndrome and traumatic brain injury.

VCONT educates veterans and their families on how to qualify for GI Bill benefits, how they can be used and what programs are available from private industries, the VA and other nonprofit organizations. They may be able to help with a financial crisis and offer education to help veterans develop a plan of action, as well as offer legal assistance. And, when a veteran is in a crisis situation, whether it be homelessness, mental health, or other issues, VCONT stands ready to help.

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