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Seven North Texas Cities Rank on Lowest Population Need List

The strength of the North Texas economy and job market was reinforced with a recent survey by WalletHub ranking the lowest and highest cities in terms of population need. Plano ranked #4 on the list from North Texas with a #2 on the “economic well-being rank.” The complete list of North Texas cities with their ranking order are:

  1. Plano (4)

  2. Garland (28)

  3. Grand Prairie (30)

  4. Irving (40)

  5. Arlington (46)

  6. Fort Worth (47)

  7. Dallas (62)

To find the cities with the lowest and highest population need, WalletHub analyzed the largest 150 cities across the U.S. with a focus on economic well-being – which focuses on factors such as high school completion and opportunities for women – and health and safety – which examines food security and access to health insurance.

While our region remains strong, the season of giving reminds us that poverty impacts nearly every county across the U.S. with an estimated 45.3 million people living in poverty. Take a moment this holiday season to reach out to those who may need assistance.

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