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Support Our Region’s Future Water Needs

Our population just crested 7.1 million people, and with the additional North Texans securing a stable water supply for our future is more important than ever before.

Plans are underway for the Lower Bois d’Arc Creek Reservoir, but delays in permitting by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency raise serious concerns about the timely completion of this project. The North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) has done an exceptional job in managing our existing water resources and planning for the future. However, the EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is indicating as much as a one- or even two-year delay to address EPA comments on the Reservoir. In a drought-prone region that is experiencing significant growth, NTMWD cannot afford to delay this critical resource any longer.

This means that not having the Reservoir in service as early as 2020 will likely impact NTMWD customers and economic growth in the entire North Texas region, including the City of Dallas.

NTMWD requests your support in strongly encouraging the USACE and EPA to issue a Final Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision for the Reservoir to allow issuance of the 404 permit no later than June 1, 2017, with no objections from the EPA. Please contact the local office of the EPA and encourage them to move forward with the Lower Bois d’Arc Creek Reservoir. Write to:

The Honorable Ron Curry Regional Administrator EPA Region 6 Main Office 1445 Ross Avenue, Suite 1200 Dallas, Texas 75202 800-887-6063

Support Water
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