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Topic: North Texas Autonomous Cars | Recap

How many mornings do you find yourself wishing you had someone to drive you to work? That’s a wish that may be coming true sooner than your realize as we learned on a Topic: North Texas webinar with Drew Campbell of Capitol Insights.

With a background working for the Associated Motor Carriers of Oklahoma and spending 25 years with the New Car Dealers Association of Metropolitan Dallas, Inc. as its CEO, Campbell understands the game-changing possibility autonomous cars will bring to not only the auto industry. Autonomous cars has the potential to change the insurance industry, positively impact roadway fatalities and even change transportation planning – possibly decreasing the need for building additional highways to accommodate our growing population.

Campbell sees the possibly the biggest change being in cars purchased. As he points out, for most people, once you arrive to the office your car sits in the parking lot all day until you go home. Autonomous cars could open a market for an Uber-Zip Car subscription model where you subscribed to a car to pick you up, take you to work and while you’re at the office, that car is picking up other subscribers.

While all this feels like the far distant future, some car manufacturers such as Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen are already integrating autonomous automobile components in its new models and we can expect to see a wider roll-out as early as the 2017 models.

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