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Webinar Recap: Who Cares? The Data Behind Voter Apathy

The North Texas Commission’s Topic: North Texas Webinar Series presented by Verizon continued on October 14, 2015 with the NTC’s Britton Cunningham, as she discussed voter apathy in Texas and nationally.

Who cares?

Statistics show that the Presidential election years drive abnormally high numbers to the polls. In off years, and especially in local elections, like the ones held in May, rather than November, here in Texas, voter turnout can be low.

In this month’s Topic: North Texas webinar, Britton discusses WHY voter apathy, or the feeling of not needing to vote, exists, and covers key insights including:

  1. Deep-dive into the millennial generation

  2. Compare and contrast various demographics

  3. Dissect voting trends in Texas and the U.S.

  4. Discuss opportunities for engagement

About the Presenter

Britton Cunningham is the NTC’s Marketing Events Manager and “Millennial-In-Residence.” A Plano native, she

graduated from the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism, where she studied strategic communication and consumer behaviors.

While at Missouri, she worked on research projects about Millennials and Gen Z and was asked to present on her findings at the International Media Conference in Seoul, South Korea as only undergraduate speaker at the event. After working in advertising as a consumer profiler, she joined the NTC team and now presents key insights into statistical data on the next generations to city councils and corporate executive teams.

For the full details from the webinar, watch the presentation or view the slides below. For past webinar recordings and details on future webinars, visit our webinar page HERE.

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