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Things to look for when comparing money in campaigns.

  • An incumbent who has not raised as much as his/her challenger could be in trouble.

  • A challenger who has big endorsements but has not raised money to match, possibly has a problem.

  • In a three person race, the closer the candidates remain to one another in terms of fundraising, the more likely that race heads to a runoff.

  • Everything can change by the time the next Finance Report is due on February 5.

We are looking at some key races in North Texas, but below you can look at a full roster of all contested races in North Texas, the candidates and their current finance numbers. These numbers will be updated on February 6th and again after their next report is due, 8 days before the election.

The Federal Ethics Commission filing schedule is slightly more complicated for Congressional and Senatorial elections (sitting members file quarterly rather than semi-annually with different pre-election requirements) and a great deal more complicated when you layer on all the requirements for Presidential candidates for each state’s primary. You can see more of the entire schedule HERE.

Texas is part of the nation’s Super Tuesday primary day. Sixteen states will hold their Presidential primaries/caucuses on Super Tuesday, March 5, representing about 36% of total delegates available. (That number gets a little fuzzy in the Democratic primary, as they still use Superdelegates.)

Unlike some, Texas holds its state primary election on the same day as the Presidential primary. 

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