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The North Texas Commission advocates for the region's economic growth, long-term transportation, and infrastructure funding, access to health care, education and career readiness, non-discrimination policies, and local control for our cities, counties, and school districts. Our success in the 88th Texas legislative session and recent federal legislation reinforces the NTC team and members' impact. 

The NTC manages the County Coalition, the North Texas Mayors' Council, and the North Texas Regional Chamber Coalition to amplify our region's unified voice. In addition, NTC members participate in five policy task forces to establish priorities that address the needs of specific sectors of the North Texas region. We set state and federal legislative priorities through these collaborative efforts and participate in unified efforts to support and oppose legislation at the state and federal levels. 

North Texas Commission members represent urban and rural areas in a 13-county region. Our region is represented by 12 U.S. congressional members, 2 U.S. senators, and 51 state legislators.

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