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2015 Transportation and Water Summit


Did you know that the current U.S. interstate highway system was designed in the 1950s? Back then, the population of North Texas was close to 885,000. Today, North Texas has grown to over 6.8 million people, the fourth largest region in the U.S. The needs and issues we had in the 1950s and the needs and issues we have today are very different, which is why the North Texas Commission is proud to sponsor the City of Irving’s 2015 Transportation and Water Summit, taking place August 18-19 at the Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas.

While recently North Texas received lots of rain, there are times when water levels are low and temperatures are high. This precious natural resource can be scarce at times, and planning to ensure that North Texas has enough safe, clean water is just one of the topics to be discussed at the Transportation and Water Summit.

This summit, also sponsored by the Texas Department of Transportation, will open the floor for discussion, allow for collaboration and sharing of information among local organizations and governments, and showcase new ideas and technologies to help meet the needs of an evolving North Texas.

Anyone who would like to attend is welcome, and registration information can be found HERE.

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