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Bringing High-speed Rail to Texas: We need your help!

Texas is slated to get a high-speed rail connecting North Texas to Houston. This private commuter rail line would be the first of its kind in the United States and would further cement Texas as a national leader. However some Texas Senators seek to halt progress by adding a rider to the state budget that would prohibit this railway.

Texas high speed rail texas central rail time to act

It’s time to act, and the North Texas Commission urges you as a regional representative of your company or organization to


Join the Texas Central Railway’s letter campaign to voice your support for the future of transportation.

This button connects to a simple form that will enable you to share your voice with the your state lawmakers at the click of a button.

Why is it so important to REMOVE Rider 48 from article 7 of the Senate appropriations bill 48?

Rider 48 is bad public policy that places government in the role of picking business winners and losers in the state’s transportation industry.

 If enacted, Rider 48 will likely kill this important and necessary infrastructure project. It will prohibit TxDOT from working with Texas Central Railway to:

– Design and develop the proposed Dallas station adjacent to or over I-30

– Coordinate on design for overpass when the line crosses a state or federal highway

– Find connectivity and land access solutions for landowners

– Prevent TxDOT for participating in the entire EIS process (which Texas Central Railway is already paying for)

let your voice be heard. help keep high-speed rail in texas.


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