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Meet Our Members: Allison Thompson

Allison Thompson, Director of Economic Development, Cedar Hill Economic Development Corporation

Today’s Meet our Members with Allison Thompson takes a look at the quality of life attributes, talent and business climate in North Texas.

North Texas Commission: What advice do you have for companies looking to relocate to North Texas with regard to talent, quality of life and business climate?

Allison Thompson: North Texas has a diversity of place such that there is a “right place” for any business seeking to locate here. My advice, once the company has chosen the region, is to reach out to local economic developers for information on demographics, workforce, locations, and amenities that match the company’s drivers.

NTC: Why do you live and work in North Texas?

AT: North Texas is a fast growing area and perfect for working in economic development! On a personal level, it is my family’s home base, I enjoy the array of things to do, and appreciate having an international airport in the region.

NTC: Cedar Hill boasts the highest elevation in North Texas, what is your favorite place to explore in Cedar Hill?

AT: I enjoy hiking – either in Cedar Hill State Park or Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center.

NTC: What are some of the most exciting opportunities for North Texas?

AT: What I see in Cedar Hill and in the region is cities being intentional about growth and collaborating for success. Planning at the municipal level is augmented by regional planning through the Council of Governments. This creates an environment of sustainability and asset protection for businesses and individuals that call the region home. Bottom line – exciting things happen when good public policies encourage private investment.


  Just for Fun

NTC: What is your favorite place to travel?

AT: My favorite travel is to someplace new where I can learn about the natural environment, the history, and the people.

NTC: How long have you lived in North Texas?

AT: I moved here in 1977 to finish my undergraduate work at TCU and never left.

NTC: Who is your hero?

AT: The brave men and women in the armed forces are my heroes. Their patriotism and courage amaze me.

NTC: What is your favorite food?

AT: This is a hard question because I enjoy a variety of foods. I’ll say Italian; you just can’t beat a great lasagna.


Allison Thompson is currently employed by the City of Cedar Hill, Texas, a thriving community in southwest Dallas County on Joe Pool Lake. She is the Director for the Cedar Hill Economic Development Corporation and Director of Economic Development for the the Director of Economic Development for Cedar Hill. 

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