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Meet Our Members: David Tesmer

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David Tesmer, SVP, Texas Health Resources

Fresh off his tenure as Chairman of the North Texas Commission Board of Directors, we asked David about the upcoming Texas Legislature, the importance of exceptional talent in the workforce and the best piece of advice he’s ever received.

North Texas Commission: How has presence in North Texas uniquely benefited the health of your company and/or expansion opportunities for growth?

David Tesmer: Texas Health Resources is a community-based nonprofit with the mission to improve the health of the people in the communities we serve. North Texas has a dynamic, growing population of energetic, productive people, and that has driven us to grow in innovative ways necessary to serve the diverse needs of 6.2 million people.

NTC: As your company looks for exceptional talent, what are the top three qualities important to the culture of your organization?

DT: The top three qualities we expect in the people of Texas Health Resources are a passion for service to the people of the community, creative thinking and innovative problem solving, and a focus on caring for our customers and for one another in body, mind and spirit.

NTC: As the Texas Legislature gears up for the next session, and Congress begins a new class in January, what topics impact your business most, and what action should be taken by lawmakers to improve efficiency and ease of business?

DT: Preparing the workforce of the future should be a top priorities for the state legislature and the Congress, not just in the making sure they have the necessary skills but also that they have good health and overall well-being that impacts the productivity and lives of employees and consumers. We must invest in the people who are here today and in anticipation of those who will come here in the future. That requires investing in education, healthcare and infrastructure to support the diverse needs of a rapidly growing population.

NTC: As North Texas rides favorable economic tailwinds, what does the future of the region and your business look like?

DT: Favorable economic conditions in North Texas have led to rapid population growth, and the healthcare sector is facing significant challenges keeping up with population demands. The healthcare industry in general is undergoing rapid changes, ranging from tremendous advances in medical technology with commensurate increases in the cost of acquiring the technology to significant changes in where treatment is delivered and who delivers it. Reimbursement for health services is under downward pressure, and the cost of providing care continues to rise. Consumer-driven healthcare and changing expectations of consumers is a growing factor causing changes in the basic business model of the healthcare industry.

NTC: What are some of the most exciting opportunities for North Texas?

DT: North Texas is one of the most competitive markets in the country, and that makes it a hotbed of innovation and opportunity. Just as in past waves of business growth in oil and gas, finance, high technology and real estate development, North Texans will create new companies and will pioneer new solutions to complex problems. Healthcare will be one of the areas of innovation and growth locally, and we are already seeing signs of that in many places across the region.


  Just for Fun

NTC: What is your favorite destination and/or vacation spot?

DT: Jackson Hole, Wyoming (in the summer)

NTC: How long have you lived in North Texas?

DT: 50 years

NT: Where else have you lived?

DT: Lubbock and San Antonio

NTC: What is the best advice you have ever received?

DT: Keep a sense of humor.

NTC: What trophy do you secretly want on your mantle?

DT: “Tony” Award


David J. Tesmer is the senior vice president of Community Engagement and Advocacy for Texas Health Resources, one of the largest faith-based, non-profit health care systems in the country. Tesmer provides strategic direction on public policy, community benefit, community affairs and faith/spirituality integration. He just stepped down as NTC Board Chairman.

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