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Support the Texas State Guard

After Hurricane Harvey struck Houston and southeast Texas, the men and women of the Texas State Guard hurried down to offer support and aid. These soldiers worked around the clock helping displaced families, clearing debris and even spending time playing games with some of the children in the shelters.

Former NTC Chairman Colonel Robert Hastings led his regiment during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and shared during the September Board of Directors meeting a first-hand account of the devastation after the storm, as well as the strong outpouring of support from not only across Texas, but also from across the country.

The Texas State Guard is a volunteer service that provides mission-ready military forces to assist state and local authorities in times of state emergencies.

Donations to support morale and welfare for soldiers of the Texas State Guard can be made to the Texas State Guard Nonprofit Association, a 401c3 registered in the State of Texas.

Mail checks to: Texas State Guard Nonprofit Association P.O. Box 9584 Austin, TX 78766 They will send a tax receipt if requested. Please indicate on the check “for use by 4th Regiment.”

Thank you to Col. Hastings and his Regiment for all they did for our neighbors in South Texas.

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