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William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital Celebrates its First Anniversary

The newest hospital in the UT Southwestern system, the William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital, celebrated its first anniversary on December 6. More than 23,000 patients were admitted for treatment at the 12-floor, 460-bed hospital in its first 11 months. This is in addition to the 46,000 ill or injured seen in the Emergency Department, and the 17,500 procedures performed by UT Southwestern Surgeons.

UT Southwestern was gracious enough to open the doors of William P. Clements to our inaugural class of Leadership North Texas University last week. The class of 33 students met with Ruben Esquivel, Vice President for Community and Corporate Relations for UT Southwestern Medical Center, and Dr. John Warner, CEO of UT Southwestern University Hospitals, the latter of whom designed William P. Clements University Hospital.

LNT University members toured the various facilities William P. Clements has to offer patients and medical practitioners, and see the incredible advancements the UT Southwestern system has made with their newest hospital. The one of the most patient friendly features: each room has a command center built into the wall-mounted TV, and controlled by a remote at the patient’s bedside. The command center controls everything from overhead lights to room temperature, and the TV has a video-chat feature that allows patients to connect with outside doctors and family or friends of their choosing. They can also use the TV to search the web, watch the latest movies and receive “homework” from their doctor, which includes learning modules about their individualized care to complete while staying at William P. Clements.

To learn more about William P. Clements University Hospital, click here.

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