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Cruising into North Texas

In 1979, a New York-based airline made a controversial decision - it was moving its headquarters to Fort Worth. What was seen as a "betrayal" by New York Mayor Ed Koch

helped a region, an airport and American Airlines take off.

Since then, the airline has been synonymous with DFW International Airport with its One World Alliance bringing many global destinations - and travelers - to our region.

American Airlines has continued to grow significantly in the decades since relocating to North Texas, including a merger with US Airways.

In 2015, American Airlines was the largest employer in Fort Worth. That same year the company announced it would build a new corporate campus in Fort Worth.

The 94-year-old airline has seen much change in the aviation industry in its history, and that change is not over. No matter what the future holds, North Texas is proud that American Airlines landed here 42 years ago.

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