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A Team for Everyone in North Texas

While the Stars, Cowboys, Mavericks and Rangers make headlines across the nation when it comes to North Texas sports, favorite pastimes from across the globe are becoming more and more popular.

Rugby, which is similar to American football, has grown to encompass roughly 40 teams in North Texas, says Phil Camm, managing director of Griffins Rugby, an Allen based team.

A high contact, quick sport, rugby offers an opportunity for children and adults alike to network, exercise and work on teambuilding skills. Members in adult leagues range from police officers to IT professionals, all of whom want to be part of the community that rugby creates.

The Griffins, along with other teams, work to leverage networking with charitable organizations, including the One2Fifteen Adam Peak Foundation, in association with the One to Fifteen Foundation from the U.K. This organization helps veterans play rugby at no cost, assisting in their reintegration into civilian life.

“What rugby does is allow access to a community of people. The thing we hear from these veterans is that it’s changed their life,” says Camm.

To learn more about rugby and other sports making a splash in North Texas, check out NTX Magazine Volume 6 here.

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