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Comptroller-Elect Sen. Glenn Hegar Addresses the NTC Board Meeting

Comptroller-Elect Sen. Glenn Hegar spoke to the North Texas Commission Board of Directors on November 20 about his goals for his new office. Sharing a story of navigating the agency, Sen. Hegar promised improved customer service and efficiency. As a way to meet the needs of the state’s largest population centers, Sen. Hegar will hire a liaison for the North Texas and Houston areas.

During a Q&A with the Board, Sen. Hegar spoke of his goals for streamlining the 1,200 revenue streams the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts manages, including examining those that yield little impact but are inefficient uses of the agency’s time. He also spoke of the Texas Comptroller’s role of revenue estimates, noting that it is a near impossible task to estimate revenue 18 months into the future, but he acknowledged that it is his team’s responsibility to get it right.

Sen. Hegar is looking forward to his new role and the opportunities ahead of the State of Texas and North Texas. He believes that with greater efficiency, improvements within the agency’s customer service and an “open door” mentality, the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts will be better able to help Texas succeed.

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