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Dallas Startup Week!

Grab your android, hail an Uber, and head to downtown Dallas for Startup Week. If you don’t 100 percent understand that sentence, no worries, I’m here to help.

From March 2-6, Dallas will play host to its biggest startup event to date, Startup Week. Put on by UpGlobal, Startup Week is a conference and celebration of startups and entrepreneurs. The week-long affair will play host to over 100 events, meetups, speakers and happy hours all targeted to help entrepreneurs learn, connect and advance their ideas. North Texas has played host to numerous Startup weekends but this is the first time the week-long version has come to the region and it’s already gaining huge attention. Ten thousand people from seemingly all sectors are expected to participate in some way in the conference.

To help you navigate all the events and opportunities Startup Week is split into several “Tracks” that have a unifying theme. Tracks include everything from tech, food, fashion, real-estate, finance and social enterprise.

Even though the event is based in Dallas, they haven’t ignored the critical value that our regional setting plays. All Thursday afternoon you can participate in the “City Fair” where representatives from around the region will boast as to why one should launch their company in their city limits. I will be Represtentin’ Denton for a portion of the afternoon. If you have any interest in making sure your city has a strong presence in the City Fair visit this link to sign up!

This celebration of startups and innovation is a great showcase for the vibrant entrepreneurial eco-system in the North Texas Region that is rapidly growing. If you want to learn more about Startup Week visit or you can always check them out on Twitter and Facebook.

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