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Drone Provides Beautiful View of Dallas

North Texas woke up to a dense blanket of fog this morning, and photographers throughout the metroplex grabbed their cameras to capture the moment. However, photographer Mike Prendergast saw today’s fog as an opportunity to send his drone up into the air for a rare, breathtaking view.

Unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs or drones for short, have exponentially increased in popularity over the past 18 months. Besides landing on the list of top Christmas gadgets for 2014, UAVs have become part of the future for retailers like Amazon and Dominos who plan to leverage the technology for quick deliveries. The Federal Aviation Administration has been detailing out the rules and regulations for drone usage for the past year to make sure these UAVs do not interfere with the planes. The FAA currently prohibits for-profit drone usage without a license, and the growing popularity for UAVs will result in business trends and applications that include small business and freelancer usage. Will 2015 finally be the year of the drone?

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