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Election Year Launches with Important Local Races

The 2016 calendar has barely settled into place, but everyone is already flipping ahead to the November

Presidential election. As eyes turn north toward Iowa, we recall the old adage that politics are really at the local level.

With early voting beginning February 16, there are many state races worth watching – but more important, these races are important to the future of North Texas and Texas.

Of particular interest and importance to North Texas will be the races of Representatives Rose, Button, Burkett, Villalba, Simmons and Geren. All of these members have leadership positions in the House and have been vitally important to representing the needs and positions of the North Texas region.

The races listed below are for the March 1 primary race only, meaning that the elections are only intraparty. House District 115 Bennett Ratliff R Matt Rinaldi R (incumbent)

House District 110 Sandra Crenshaw D Toni Rose D (incumbent)

House District 112 Angie Chen Button R (incumbent) Chris DeHart R

House District 113 Cindy Burkett R (incumbent) Jonathan Boos R

House District 114 Dan Morenoff R Jason Villalba R (incumbent)

House District 106 Pat Fallon R (incumbent) Trent Trubenbach R

House District 64 (Open Seat) Lynn Stucky R Read King R Rick Hagen R

House District 65 Ben Kissling R Ron Simmons R (incumbent)

House District 93 Jonathan Stickland R (incumbent) Scott W. Fisher R

House District 94 Andrew Piel R Tony Tinderholt R (incumbent)

House District 95 Albert G. McDaniel R Bill Zedler R (incumbent)

House District 99 Bo French R Charlie Geren R (incumbent)

House District 33 (open seat) John Keating R Justin Holland R Lorne Liechty R

The coming months may trigger “voting fatigue” to us all, but taking an active part in local elections is imperative to ensuring that we continue to put the best leaders in place to build a better future for all North Texas.

For information on where to vote for the March 1 primary, please click your county listed below: Collin Dallas Delta Denton Ellis Johnson Kaufman Parker Rockwall Tarrant Wise

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