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InterLink’s 28th Annual Regional Occupation Survey

For nearly 30 years, North Central Texas InterLink has been instrumental in guiding the region’s public schools and colleges on fulfilling workforce needs. InterLink’s success is largely attributed to the feedback and guidance shared through the annual North Central Texas Regional Occupation survey.

This survey reaches every industry sector and all feedback is carefully considered. The responses to the survey result in a report that is used by North Central Texas secondary and post-secondary educators to implement and develop programs that will skill the workforce based upon the demand shown through the survey. The greater the response, the stronger the future workforce.

Please share this link with the hiring authority at your organization and encourage them to participate. Be assured that the results of the survey are confidential and are reported in aggregate. InterLink does not release the names of survey participants.

If you are a member of a business or trade association, chamber of commerce, advisory committee, or any other organization whose members are in the 16 county Dallas/Fort Worth Region, please send this email to them and encourage them to participate with the survey by forwarding it to their constituents.

The survey closes March 18, 2015. All participants receive a copy of the final survey report. Please CLICK HERE for the survey.

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