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Limited Space Available in NTX Vol. 5

North Texans are smart. With more than 30 higher education institutions and six Nobel Laureates and state-of-the-art career tech academies, we foster a community of knowledge. And, because of that, North Texas is quickly becoming a Knowledge Destination with men and women from around the world flocking to our region to learn everything from how to fly a plane to how to put out fires.

NTX Magazine Vol. 5 will showcase our region as a Knowledge Destination with stories on how we educate doctors, how arts and culture foster learning, how the conventions and conference impact our economy and how the region’s community colleges are making a real impact on educating our workforce.

This issue of NTX Magazine will be available September 2015. Advertising space is filling up and sales close in the coming weeks. For more information, please contact Marcy Sherman at or 972-621-0400.

Interested in NTX Magazine? Visit the NTX Magazine webpage HERE and view the previous four issues below.

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