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Meet Our Members: Gray Mayes

Gray Mayes, Director, Government Relations, Texas Instruments

Today we meet Gray Mayes, the 2015 Chair of the North Texas Commission. In her Meet our Members interview, we learn the top qualities important to Texas Instruments, what she would tell a company relocating to North Texas and the role of technology in our region.

North Texas Commission: As your company looks for exceptional talent, what are the top three qualities important to the culture of your organization?

Gray Mayes: Obviously engineering or a math/science/electronics background is the primary skill set required at Texas Instruments.  The ability to work well with others with diverse backgrounds and sound ethics are very important aspects of the culture at TI.  And strong communication skills are always a plus.

NTC: What advice do you have for companies looking to relocate to North Texas with regard to talent, quality of life and business climate?

GM: Move here!  North Texas is a rich environment for talent; market access on a global scale; a competitive cost climate for business and manufacturing; and a great quality of life – including first rate housing, arts & entertainment, cultural diversity… and no income tax for employees.  North Texas is the place to be!

NTC: What are some of the most exciting opportunities for North Texas?

GM: For the reasons stated above, I think the region is looking at some very positive growth and investment opportunities in the years ahead.  The notable escalation in the research infrastructure at our area universities and medical schools will certainly fuel this, as will continued upgrades at DFW and Love Field airports; the possibility of high speed rail coming to North and East Texas; the major professional sports events that the region is attracting; and the investments in the arts and general living spaces in downtown Dallas and Fort Worth and many of the communities that surround them.

NTC: Tell us what role you think technology will play in the next 2-3 years for North Texas?

GM: Technology is driving energy and water efficiency and sustainability; innovations in medicine; improved safety and security; transportation; lighting improvements… entertainment and communications.  There are so many ways technology is improving lives and DFW is at the forefront of this with the innovation that is being driven through our higher education infrastructure and the very talented businesses and manufacturers who operate here.

NTC: What topics impact your business most from a legislative perspective?

GM: Like other businesses, we watch policies that impact our cost of operations, our ability to higher talent and our access to research.


  Just for Fun

NTC: What is your favorite vacation destination?

GM: That’s a tough one.  A good beach for starters.  Italy, always.  Australia – beautiful.  Then there are the interesting locations like China – maybe not so much a vacation, but an enriching experience all the same.

NTC: What are some of your hobbies?

GM: Right now my spare time is consumed with my kid’s sports – hockey and swimming.  It’s all good and I get a lot of pleasure from that.  I am also in the middle of reading all of the Jack Reacher novels to pass what time I have left!

NTC: Who is your favorite historical figure?

GM: Winston Churchill.

NTC: How long have your lived in North Texas?

GM: I moved here on December 23rd, 1992 and am living happily ever after…


Gray Mayes is the Director of Government Relations for Texas Instruments and serves as the current Chairman for the North Texas Commission.

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