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North Texas: A Knowledge Destination

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North Texas has an international reputation for its pro-business environment, ideal travel convenience and bustling workforce. With 56 direct international flights coming through DFW International Airport and countless domestic flights within 4 hours flying  time, the region has blossomed into an international KNOWLEDGE DESTINATION.

Volume 5 of NTX Magazine will highlight North Texas as a global destination for educating the world’s workforce. From doctors performing delicate surgeries to fire fighters saving lives, North Texas is where the world goes to learn. The issue will feature just a few of the companies that have chosen our region for training centers and why companies continue to return to North Texas for annual conferences and meetings. Industry spotlights include aviation, healthcare, education and workforce, arts and culture, high-tech and innovation.

Showcase Your Organization

With a print run of 20,000 copies, NTX Magazine is distributed worldwide from the Fortune 1000 CEOs to business and world leaders in key overseas markets, and throughout North Texas to city leaders, public officials, business executives and many more. NTX Magazines can also be found in American Airlines Admirals Clubs at DFW International Airport.

Seize the opportunity to showcase your organization. Advertising sales are open now but only until June 15, 2015. For more details, visit the NTX Magazine page or contact Marcy Sherman by calling the North Texas Commission office at 972-621-0400 or by email her at

About NTX Magazine

NTX Magazine is a valuable resource that highlights the economically-thriving and pro-business North Texas region. A profile of the Dallas/Fort Worth region, NTX Magazine features information about key industries with facts and data to assist those interested in doing business here. The Summer/Fall 2015 issue of NTX Magazine is a 96-page, four-color glossy publication highlighting North Texas as Knowledge Destination. Advertise in NTX Magazine and introduce your business or community to corporations considering relocation or expansion before they arrive.

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