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North Texas Recognized for Boom, Start-up Community

Two different news outlets released reports touting the fastest growing economies and start-up scenes, and North Texas graced each list.

A recent Forbes article, “America’s Next Boom Towns” examined myriad factors including population aged 25-44 with a bachelor’s degree, population growth, unemployment, percentage of children in the population and net domestic migration. The results show that Texas continues to be a shining star in the nation’s economy with all four of the state’s metro areas in the top 10.

The effects of this growth is evident in our region’s Gross Metropolitan Product (GMP). Last month, the North Texas Commission reported that GMP for the Dallas-Arlington-Fort Worth MSA climbed to $504.36 billion. And, if our region were ranked as a state, we would be #9 between New Jersey (#8) and North Carolina (#10). And, when compared to other countries, North Texas ranks #23 – up from #27 – with Nigeria at #24 and Taiwan at #22.

Technology runs deep in North Texas’s history. From Texas Instruments to bleeding edge app developers, we support a spirit of entrepreneurship across all industries. Recently, Business Insider published a report on the top 10 cities with the fastest growing start-up scene, and North Texas made the cut.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that North Texas is a great place to start a company. Entrepreneur and 44th Annual Members’ Luncheon keynote speaker Mark Cuban touted North Texas as a start-up community, from the talent of the people to the low cost of doing business.

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