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North Texas Skies

While DFW International Airport and Love Field may hold the eyes of consumers when it comes to air travel, there are 13 airports throughout North Texas that keep our region’s reputation as a business-friendly, logistics and manufacturing hub soaring above other U.S. metro areas. It’s no surprise that the largest global airline, American Airlines, and the largest domestic airline, Southwest Airlines, both call North Texas home with their Fortune 500 headquarters here.


As the region’s largest airport, DFW International Airport serves more than just the flight demands of corporate and leisure travelers. More than 647,000 tons of air cargo go through the airport each year on top of the more than 63 million passengers, making it one of the world’s busiest airports. With seven runways – the most in the world – and  five terminals, more than 165 and an average customs time under 12 minutes, DFW has become a global logistics force.


Designed for cargo, corporate and military aviation, Fort Worth Alliance Airport sits on nearly 1,200 acres and has its own U.S. customs clearance and first-class services for any cargo handling needs. Named the nation’s fastest growing industrial complex, Alliance Airport’s success has brought a boom to retail and infrastructure in north Fort Worth with new companies, shops and housing going up daily.


McKinney National Airport started with a 7,002-foot runway in the middle of open ground and never looked back. With ample amounts of  acreage that allow for years of expansion, McKinney National Airport has 24 hour monitored access, their own FAA tower and nearby golfing, restaurants and wineries. Located in Collin County, one of the fastest-growing counties in the state, this airport sits just 30 miles north of downtown Dallas.


Addison Airport lies in the middle of the “Platinum Corridor,” 35 million square feet of office space, gourmet restaurants and upscale shopping. It also boasts an FAA tower, a customs clearance and their own aircraft maintenance crew Home to the base flight operations of various government entities, flight schools and agricultural entities, Addison Airport helps support local business ventures and overall growth.

To read more on the expansion of these and other airports in North Texas, check out Volume 4 of NTX Magazine.

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