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NTC Startup Report Issue 3 – Mad Scientist!

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Emerging technologies require inventive minds that can rethink entire systems. Entrepreneurs are that right mix of technical savvy, opportunistic business people and mad scientist. They imagine where the world could go if only it had the right tools. They believe in things like spaceflight for the masses and effortless security. This issue of the Startup Report is bringing you a few of these mad scientists. Dreamers, with ambitions to rethink some of our biggest ideas and they’re all located in North Texas.

North Texas has a robust and exciting entrepreneurial landscape and here at the North Texas Commission we’d like to bring this to you. Each company featured here represents a new approach or way of thinking. If you would like any additional information please contact Taylor Schrang at

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Lantern Pharma

The big “C”. Most people will have cancer touch their lives in some way. Either directly or through a loved one’s experience with the disease. Lantern Pharma is trying to rethink the way to treat cancer, by personalizing medicine programs for cancer patients. They are pioneering precision drug treatment by using biomarker based genetic screenings to show doctors what treatments patients are most likely to respond to. This technology can be critical to treating particularly drug resistant forms of the disease. To learn more visit their website:


The 21st century space race is not going to be lead by NASA, but by entrepreneurs and private companies. Based in Denton, Kubos is designing open source software to accelerate the new space race. As more companies enter the “space” space, Kubos can cut development time by equipping companies with a software platform for nano-satellites so companies don’t have to develop in-house software for each new venture, standardizing the industry and reducing R&D costs. You can check them out at or contact them at


Commercial space flight may not be the final frontier, but it is certainly the next one. With our second space services company on the list, Exos, we can begin to see just how quickly this important industry is expanding. Exos also offers commercial space solutions to companies that need to expedite the development process of a space project. Rather than spend millions of dollars to get a chance at getting your experiment on the international space station, Exos will send up your project in one of their rockets and be able to send back results in real time. To learn more visit


Search engines have been always built on the concept of keywords. Search snakes, and you’ll find anything and everything pertaining to snakes. YouTube videos of snake bites, academic articles on new snake species, symbolism of snakes in history, all can be results. While those ideas may share a keyword, they don’t really share any similar concepts. Brainspace is re-thinking search by providing results based on knowledge concepts. This new seach approach will help the user discover new and related content. This platform doesn’t just apply to Internet search, but can be used for enterprise applications too. Learn more at


Cyber security is an increasing concern. Specifically, usernames and passwords are not only a security weakness, they are hated by end users because they are hard to remember and keep up with. Nexiden is bringing a suite of multifactor authentication and authorization solutions to market that are more secure than competing solutions while being easy to use and implement. With Nexiden’s patent-pending technology the world can completely get rid of user-names and passwords while at the same time increase online security and privacy. Learn more at

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