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NTX Magazine Wins at the PRSA Pegasus Awards

The North Texas Commission is proud to add “Award Winning” to the NTX Magazine name. The fourth volume of NTX Magazine was presented an Award of Honor from the Dallas chapter of PRSA, Public Relations Society of America, in the newsletter/magazine category. Executive Vice President Marcy Sherman and Vice President of Communications Kimberly Walton took the stage to accept this award. The publication received praise from the judges for its diverse content, stunning look and global distribution.

The PRSA Dallas chapter hold these awards annually, and marketing, PR and advertising firms across the region submit entries into a variety of award categories. Most entries are for global or national campaigns from well-known consumer brands including 7-11, Hilton Worldwide, Allstate and Petsmart Charities. To view a complete list of winners for the PRSA Dallas Pegasus Awards, click here.

The North Texas Commission is proud to produce quality publications that showcase the North Texas region on an international stage. NTX Magazine features all aspects of the region through a central theme including vol 3 innovation, vol 4 manufacturing, logistics and transportation, vol 5 knowledge destination and vol 6 which is currently in the works and focuses on why we’ve become a relocation hub. If you’re interested in advertising in the award winning NTX Magazine, learn more on our magazine page here or click here to view the media kit. To view a previous issue of NTX Magazine, click the issue you wish to read on the bookshelf below.

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