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Oregon and Ohio State – Destined to be Together Again

North Texas has been over-run with Bucs and Ducks as Ohio State and Oregon fans make their way to the first ever College Football Playoff championship game. Both teams were ranked underdogs in their semifinal games, but crushed any doubts after winning on January 1st. Oregon dominated Florida State in the Rose Bowl 59 to 20, and Ohio State held Alabama with a 42-35 win in the Sugar Bowl.

Despite being underdogs, it almost feels like it was destiny that put them together for the inaugural year of the College Football Playoff. In March 1939, Oregon and Ohio State battled in out on the court in the first-ever NCAA basketball championship. Oregon took the title as the first College Basketball National Champions. Seventy-six years later, they are back again vying for the title of National Champion, but this time, it’s football. Will Oregon keep the winning tradition alive? Or will Ohio State finally get revenge for that game so long ago?

Ohio State is playing for their 8th national title and first championship under the new playoff system. Oregon has never won a National Championship in football, but with Heisman-winner and quarterback, Marcus Mariota, the Ducks are hoping to clench their first.



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