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The latest issue of NTX Magazine will begin hitting mailboxes in June. This issue focuses on a “Global North Texas” and the attraction and influence of our region. Advertising closes soon, so don’t miss a chance to showcase your brand in this award-winning publication.

Have you dined out lately? No matter the community across North Texas, there is an influence of cultural flavors in literally, a melting pot. Throughout the year, many of these cultures are celebrated with festivals and have a deep presence in the diversity of our region’s demographics.

North Texas companies have extensive global reach, including many specific Texas brands which are well-known on an international level. Whether its computer chips or footballs, North Texas brands are taking the world by storm. Collaborations across these global companies are evident in our health care system fighting cancer and our higher education provides diverse graduates increasing the global-mindedness for our North Texas workforce.

NTX Magazine is the only business-to-business publication representing the North Texas region; providing relevant facts, data, editorial content, maps and contact information designed to assist corporations interested in relocation, expansion and conducting business in North Texas.

To reserve your ad, please contact Kerri Ressl. Or, if you’d like to be added to our mailing list, please email Kimberly Walton.

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