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Webinar Recap: Build Your Brand & Executive Presence

The North Texas Commission welcomed Valerie Sokolosky from Valerie and Company as she discussed Executive Presence as a leadership strategy and an essential tool for building long-lasting business relationships that result in revenue growth.

About the Webinar

In order to compete in the current business environment, research shows that executives must be clear about how they are perceived as a strong brand. As a certified PCC executive coach of 25 years and one of only 20 Master Brand Strategists worldwide, Valerie shares Best Practices from real-world experiences taken from her Blue Chip list of client companies and helps you answer questions about

your brand as a company and as an individual.

Questions to consider before you watch the webinar:

  1. How can you strike a balance between projecting the right professional image but still be your authentic brand?

  2. What brand attributes are you and your team known for?

  3. What’s the message you want to give to others?

  4. Do you know how you and your team are perceived by your clients (internal & external)?

About the Presenter

Valerie Sokolosky has earned respect in her field as a sought after consultant in more than 60 Fortune 500 companies. An author of eight books, she founded her leadership development

firm 25 years ago specializing in developing emerging leaders and those in the C suite to have a strong executive presence and personal brand. Valerie holds distinctions including one of 20 Master Brand Strategists worldwide and an ICF certified executive coach.

As a trusted advisor, she is relied upon in companies that are focused on developing their leaders. One of her greatest joys over the past eight years coaching Partners in one of the big 4 financial services firms to build their brand and exude their executive presence.

For the full details from the webinar, watch the presentation or view the slides below. For past webinar recordings and details on future webinars, visit our webinar page HERE.

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