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Webinar Recap: The Startup Ecosystem

On April Fools Day, the NTC eschewed practical jokes for a practical discussion on the North Texas startup ecosystem. The Topic: North Texas webinar series presented by Verizon was joined by Trey Bowles of the Dallas Entrepreneur Center to get the big picture on startups and how they interact with the economy.

The Startup Ecosystem

Having a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem is good for the strength of an economy. It promotes innovation, builds jobs, and is fancy. But, this ecosystem isn’t exclusive to the tech geeks, coders and entrepreneurs, it’s something that all organizations and stakeholders can and should play a role in.

Just some of the examples discussed:

Cities can help support co-working spaces and integrate entrepreneur support into their economic development plan.

Businesses can support workers who want to try and start their own businesses knowing that an employee that has experience leading a company is going to be a better employee.

Businesses can help give affordable services to entrepreneurs to build early relationships with emerging companies.

Schools can support entrepreneurs by providing the education and connections and research needed to make a biz successful.

Media can try to highlight these companies.

About The DEC

The Dallas Entrepreneur Center (The DEC) serves entrepreneurs in the Dallas area, providing a location where they can receive training, education, mentorship, promotion and access to capital in order to encourage and equip the entrepreneurial community to start, build and grow their businesses. Facilitating a culture of entrepreneurship and giving before you get the DEC connects new and old entrepreneurs with a vibrant, collaborative environment. For more information on the DEC, CLICK HERE.

About Trey Bowles

In June 2013, Trey launched the Dallas Entrepreneur Center (the DEC), a central location for entrepreneurs to learn how to start, build and grow businesses through training, education, mentorship, promotion and capital investment. As Co-Founder and CEO, Trey leads strategy, vision and drives the overall planning and development efforts for the DEC. Trey serves as the Chair of Startup America: Texas Region and as an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at SMU.

For the full details from the webinar, watch the presentation or view the slides below.

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