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What’s in the bag? | 44th Annual Members’ Luncheon

Our 44th Annual Members’ Luncheon was a rousing success with more than 750 attendees enjoying keynote speaker Mark Cuban discussing the topic of the day, innovation.

Annually, the North Texas Commission provides a gift to the guests of the Annual Members’ Luncheon to thank them for attending. This year, we filled a North Texas Commission branded bag with products from Mark Cuban Companies, many of whom were featured on Shark Tank.

So, what was in the bag?

Meet the companies that had a presence at our Annual Members’ Luncheon below!


Alyssa’s Bakery

What’s in the bag? Healthy Oatmeal Bites

About the company: Alyssa’s Bakery opened in 2010 with the mission to create great-tasting baked goods from scratch with 100% natural ingredients. The company, based in Jupiter, Fl., now shelves their products at Central Markets across North Texas. To learn more about Alyssa’s bakery or to purchase their products, click here.


What’s in the bag? Matcha Cricket Protein Bar

About the company: Chapul prides itself in being the originator in cricket-based protein bars, debuting on Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 21. Since Cuban’s backing on the 2014 episode, Chapul has moved to donate 1% of their profits back to water conservation in regions that inspire their bars. To learn more about Chapul or to purchase their products, click here.

Dallas Mavericks

What’s in the bag? Light-Up Boom Sticks & Special Ticket Offer

About the company: Since Cuban’s majority-stakeholder purchase in 2000, he has revolutionized the way owners interact with teams, and the way basketball players are treated during and off-season. To learn more about the Dallas Mavericks, click here.


Echo Valley Meats

What’s in the bag?  Cheddar Sausage, Garlic Sausage & Garlic Cheese Spread

About the company: This Illinois-based “old fashioned butcher shop” company had two runs on Shark Tank before finding success. On Season 6, Episode 21, they secured funding from Mark. Echo Valley specializes in wholesale, mail order and fundraising, headed by Dave Alwan, a third generation cattleman and farmer. To learn more about Echo Valley Meats or to purchase their products, click here.

HourlyNerd Logo

Hourly Nerd

What’s in the bag? $1,000 off your first project

About the company: Hourly Nerd connects businesses with independent experts, known as nerds, each with years of experience in professional fields in a variety of areas. Experts bid on projects submitted by businesses and are chosen to work on tasks such as building a business, researching markets and raising capital. To learn more about Hourly Nerd or to book an expert for your next project, click here.


What’s in the bag? 50% off at

About the company: Ilumi is a smart light bulb that changes colors, controlled through a mobile app and  Bluetooth connection. The North Texas based company, founded by two University of Texas at Dallas graduate students, received backing from Cuban in Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 29. To learn more about Ilumi or to pre-order their new bulb, coming out in November, click here.


What’s in the bag? News Made Easy at

About the company: Like news in a social media platform, Inside brings users real-time updates in short blurbs, with links to what’s happening now. The website tracks top authors, top curators and top sources. To learn more about Inside, click here.



What’s in the bag? Complimentary Lip-Locking Lip Balms

About the company: This Shark Tank company combines chemistry with fun as a lip balm due that, when combined, creates a new flavor. Kisstixx appeared on Season 3 Episode 11, and secured funding from Cuban. Shortly after being featured, the new company sold nearly 5,500 units of product, almost crashing their website in the process. To learn more about Kisstixx or to order your own lip balm duo, click here.


What’s in the bag? Solar Powered LED Lantern – Sponsored by TXU Energy

About the company: What started as a challenge to design a product to aid relief efforts in Haiti turned into a product lighting the way not just for the members of the North Texas Commission, but adventurers across the world. LuminAID creators Anna and Andrea were backed by Cuban on Shark Tank Season 6 Episode 17 where they shared their brilliant idea, an inflatable lantern charged by the sun that provides up to 16 hours of light. To learn more about LuminAID and to purchase your own lantern, click here.

Monkey Mat

What’s in the bag? $5 off at

About the company: Created by long-time friends Courtney and Christie after a 6-hour layover watching their daughters play on a dirty airport floor, the two appeared on  Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 28 and were backed by not only Mark Cuban, but fellow shark Lori Greiner as well. This 5×5 mat is more than meets the eye, made of durable, ripstop nylon with an attached bag for carrying and loops for toys and keys. To learn more about Monkey Mat or to purchase your own, click here.

Sriracha 2 Go

What’s in the bag? Mini Sriracha Keychain

About the company: Sriracha2Go continues to capitalize on the recent sriracha craze, partnering with popular sriracha vendor Huy Fong Foods to sell 1.69 keychain bottles and 1 oz. bottles of the cravable sauce. Cuban recently invested in the company, headquartered in New York City. To learn more about Sriracha2Go or purchase your own bottle, click here.


Three Commas Apparel

What’s in the bag? 20% off at

About the company: Three Commas Apparel, co-founded by Cuban, hopes to inspire people to seek out the true meaning of the American Dream, “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” while also striving towards the one thing that has allowed Cuban to help so many entrepreneurs – financial success. By branding with the universal symbol of a billion dollars (,,,) Three Commas wants to remind people that anyone can achieve success. To learn more about Three Commas Apparel or purchase their products, click here.


What’s in the bag? Dallas Mavs Shoelace Spirit Pack

About the company: ULace custom shoe laces founder Tim Talley appeared on Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 21, securing funding from Cuban. Today, ULace is distributed in over 4o countries across the globe, and is the #1 Hot New Trend product in Japan. To learn more about ULace or to purchase your own set, click here.

Villy Custom

What’s in the bag? 15% off any Custom Bike

About the company: Villy Custom offers branded custom bikes in various colors to their customers. Bikes can be bought individually or in fleets, and previous corporate brands to invest include Monster energy drinks, The Palms Hotel and Jameson whiskey. Villy founder Fleetwood Hicks secured funding from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank Season 3 Episode 13. Villy also donated a custom North Texas Commission branded bike, which was raffled off at our Annual Members’ Luncheon. To learn more about Villy Custom or to purchase your own sweet ride, click here.

We’d like to thank all of the Mark Cuban Companies who took part in this year’s Annual Members’ Luncheon, and to TXU for providing our LuminAID lanterns.

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