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You Did It: High-Speed Rail Moves Forward

The power of the North Texas Commission’s membership was evident in the days leading up to budget discussions that would have killed the high-speed rail connecting North Texas and Houston. Our members mobilized and quickly reached out to Sen. Jane Nelson and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and the language that would have barred the Texas Department of Transportation from spending any state funds toward “subsidizing or assisting in the construction of high-speed passenger rail.” Texas Central Rail has said on numerous occasions that this $12 billion project will be entirely privately funded.

The project is still underway with an anticipated launch date in 2021. Thank you to all of you who showed your support by reaching out to our state’s leaders. And, thank you Sen. Nelson and Lt. Gov. Patrick for your leadership on this very important matter.


For information on the actions NTC members are supporters took to help make this possible, please read a previously posted blog HERE.

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